Erste Lagen

Our "Erste Lagen" wines are Kremser Wachtberg for the Grüner Veltliner and Steiner Grillenparz for the Riesling.

Kremser Wachtberg

From the top of this high hill the citizens of Krems were warned of approaching enemies during historical times (Wachtberg can be roughly translated as "Lookout Mountain"). The extensive southeast-facing terraces of the Wachtberg vineyard site reach up to 400 meters above sea level. The soil is calcareous with a high silt content. The bedrock consists of gneiss with minor schist and is covered by extensive deposits of loess.

Steiner Grillenparz

The vineyards consist of south-facing terraces north of the old town of Stein. Because the soil here contains abundant rock fragments it warms up very quickly and continues to radiate heat long after sunset, making this an attractive habitat for crickets. The soils are derived from bedrock that includes gneiss, mica schist, calcareous conglomerates of the Hollenburg-Karlstetten-Formation, and slightly consolidated gravels from the Danube River, which are in places also covered with loess.