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Weingut Stadt Krems is in a class by itself: the enterprise is owned by a municipality.

Winzer Weingut Stadt Krems in Kremstal

Historically, Weingut Stadt Krems arose from two sources. The first source is the property of the Bürgerspitalstiftung - In 1210, Duke Leopold VI of Babenberg founded a public hospital in Krems and left important legacies to it, including vineyards. The second source was the generous bequest of the imperial Burggrave of Krems, Ulrich von Dachsberg, who presented the town with vineyards in 1452.

With over 550 years of history, Weingut Stadt Krems is one of the oldest wine-producers in Austria, and even in the whole of Europe.

Until 1744, the Town Hall in the historical centre of the city, which is over a thousand years old, accommodated the press house and the maturing cellar. They were then relocated to the cellar in the "Corporis Christi Brotherhood".
Traditionsweingüter Österreich In 1915, the city acquired a wine cellar in the town moat. The estate wines of the city have been pressed there ever since. No wines or grapes have ever been bought from outside vineyards.

Weingut Stadt Krems is a member of the association "Traditionsweingüter Österreich" (Traditional Vineyards of Austria), a group devoted to the preservation of venerable and historical vineyards. For further information, please refer to

All the vineyards of Weingut Stadt Krems (31 hectares) are within the city limits of Krems.