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Ried Schreck

The Ried Schreck is an extremely steep terraced cru behind the old town of Stein.


The first mention "Schrekch" dates from 1360. Since the density of vines used to be higher in the past, grape thieves could not be identified. In order to keep them away, the tower guard had the task of shouting suddenly from time to time at harvest time. The thieves, scared (“Schreck” = scare) by the shouting, did not take the grapes but their legs under their arms and fled.


The 40-year-old vines are rooted in slated amphibolite and crystalline paragneiss, supported by dry stone walls. The cru faces south. The 0.45 ha plot begins on the ridge and slopes steeply down to the valley via terraces.


size / own holdings

6 ha / 0,45 ha




max. 36° / av. 12°



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