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Ried Grillenparz


The cru "Grillenparz" in Stein an der Donau, which was mentioned for the first time in 1180 and is therefore one of the most venerable locations of Krems, is made up of Paragneiss in the deepest layers of the soil, as well as the calcareous carbonate Conglomerate of the Hollenburg-Karlstetten formation. This unique geological surface is covered by sandy from the river Traisen.


Originally called "ad grillenporce", it appears to have been a steep area where a lot of crickets sunbathed. No wonder that the chirping animals feel comfortable here: the cru is south-facing, and thanks to the enormously high proportion of rock, the soil warms up quickly and radiates cozy warmth long after sunset. In terms of maturity, Riesling finds optimal conditions here.


The Stadt Krems winery cultivates a total of 3.24 ha in this cru. Also a 0.47 ha of this cru is planted with Grüner Veltliner. The influences of the Danube are diverse here. In summer, this wind-exposed location dries out quickly after rainfall. In autumn, however, the Danube stream can also emit moist air masses.

Ried Grillenparz_edited.png

size / own holdings

7,8 ha / 3,3 ha




max. 31°/ av. 12°



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